Oh my god! We forgot about you! Actually, Jody was down here in Austin visiting and we just got too busy doing girl stuff. She's still here, but not too coherent after last night. Poor girl pretty much drank her weight in alcohol! I'll nudge her soon so that she can sober up to go out drinking again tonight. Haha.

Can I tell you enough how perfect Jody is? Why can't she be lesbian? And I posed this question to her last night when she was still not-too-drunk, and she slurred, "Cuz I like dick!" Oh curses! So then, at that point in the conversation, many men tried to pick up this drunk beauty who likes dick. And it helps when she has a bi friend next to her (me). Oh, what a night. Because although Jody has a preference for men, she's not object to kissing a girl! Wahoo! Huzzah! But, I'm sure she will kick my ass when she reads this. The moral of the story is, if you like beautiful 21 year old females, who are straight but don't object to kissing other females if they're attractive enough, and will drink until they pass out, email Jody. She needs a good man in her life right now. The last one broke her heart and cheated on her. Asswipe.

OK. I just rambled, but I'm too lazy to delete anything. I'll get Jody to post soon. And I'll try to get some of the pictures from last night up here. Some are a little fun, and some are a little, um, x-rated and belong on that stupid College Girls Exposed video with the commercials every 5 minutes at night, but I think you'd enjoy them. Haha.


it's been quite a fucking week, and it's only tuesday. dammit.

so, tomorrow is july 4th, and i think i'll celebrate by heading out to baker beach (sf). i can't think of a better way to celebrate our freedom and this wonderful country we live in by some nude sunbathing. oh bliss...

it's weird. i'm normally a very social person, but lately i've been getting so much pleasure out of just being alone. i've been very reflective lately. a little moody too, but i think it comes with all the slightly tragic things going down in my life right now.. normally i'm not this lethargic or just plain poopy.

and what's up lately with all the people getting all couple-y? everyone's getting married, buying their house, or getting pregnant. can't we go out pussy-catting at night again? i need some new chicks to club crawl with. i will not make the mistake of going alone again - all the creeps in a 10 mile radius were drawn to me. i need an excuse like 'i'm here with my girlfriend because i'm strictly lesbian' again. so stop getting hitched, ya wusses! you're cramping my style. and after all.. girls just wanna have fun. sheesh.. bitches. think you can ruin my fun.

i just want to go get my groove on til the breaka-breaka dawn!


I'm such a loser! Hahaha. I just finished watching an episode of sydicated Beverly Hills, 90210.

You may now beginng the flogging and insults.

yay! mindy is here. not that you care too much i'm sure. but i say 'fuck you' to that.

i just wanted to let you know that i washed my hair with egg whites tonite. i have really fine hair and i think it really worked. but then again, it may be a 'placebo effect' type thing going on. or like when i read through my psych book freshman year and thought i had everything from schitzophrenia to postpartum depression, and even fugue.

god i'm so easily persuaded. i think those impulse displays at the checkout lane at stores are made just for me...

Ok, so I'm here! It's me, Mindy (duh). Geez, and I'm totally drawing a blank right now. (Hey it's late, give me a break.) Um.. ok. Check out this blog. I love her graphic.

Let's see.. something about me. I'm 21, live in Austin, Texas, and I go to UT, which is where Jody and I met. Blah, blah, blah. I've known Jody for.. ah.. 3 years now. Um, I'm bi-sexual (and not because it's the popular thing to do right now), and no I've never had a sexual encounter with Jody. Haha. Though I'm sure you'd love to see the pics right now if we had! And so would I. Well, don't look so shocked. She's a cutie. *giggles*

Well, alright then. Geez, all of you make this blogging stuff look so easy. Oh, go easy on me. Jody just explained this whole HTML shit yesterday. *rolls eyes*